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Janssen’s “Brain Breakthroughs” campaign is an essential step toward a world where mental health disorders are destigmatized, where patients receive the support and care they need, and where innovative treatments become the new norm. This commitment is founded on the belief that, together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of those facing neuropsychiatric challenges.

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In the world of scientific research, neuroscience represents one of the most challenging frontiers. With over 3.7 million individuals in Europe afflicted by schizophrenia and a quarter of those aged sixty and above grappling with Alzheimer’s, the impact of mental disorders is staggering. Furthermore, depression is projected to become the leading cause of global disease burden by 2030. These conditions not only profoundly affect those diagnosed but also cast a long shadow of societal stigma. Janssen, a leading pharmaceutical company, is determined to make a difference. We developed the campaign Brain Breakthroughs to help Janssen raise awareness and combat the pervasive stigmatization of mental health disorders.

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